Leslie´s Fanni 

16.06.1989. ~ 27.11.2001.


Born Teeth HD ED Eyes Exams Shows Other

Dead 27.11.2001.

complete scissor B1     BPB (obedience) DKCH Security dog


Fanni is mother of following litters at Kennel Corolla´s:

A-litter: born 01.01.1993. sired by Nadir of the Two

C-litter: born 14.11.1994. sired by Rollif´s Kuzak


Fanni´s pedigree


Svante Sable di Scottatura

HD: A1


Sam de la Douce Plaine

Barox de la Pouroffe

Opale du Sart des Bois

Sable du Geyser en Forez

Nabor de la Noue St. Eloi

Oriane du Geyser en Forez

Jetais van de Hoge Laer

HD: A2


Grimm van de Hoge Laer

Zarka of the Two

Beggy of the Two


Boris de la Pouroffe (GRO)

Lynda du Chemin des Dames (GRO)


8 weeks 12 years


Daughter and mother relaxing on the couch.

Corolla´s Cassandra Belle
Leslie´s Fanni


Fanni - around 7 years old


Fanni 8 years old

- waiting for dinner to get ready

Fanni (12 years old) with her son Colonel (7 years old)


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