Leslie´s Gira 


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Dead 01.03.2002.

complete scissor B2     BPB (obedience) DKCH BDSG94  


Gira is mother of the following litters at Kennel Corolla:

B-litter born 04.04.1994. sired by Rollif´s Joshua

D-litter born 10.08.1996. sired by Rollif´s Joshua


Gira´s pedigree

Nørrevang Bachir

HD: A2

Sam de la Douce Plaine

Barox de la Pouroffe

Opale du Sart des Bois

Jerome Nille

Don Quichotte of the Two

Jerome Jasmine


HD: C1

Don Quichotte of the Two

If du Puits d´Ombelle

Juby des Trois Fleuves

Jerome Idah

Zultan of the Two



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