Goals of breeding

Kennel Casfanīs goal is, to breed Belgian Shepherds with a balanced character and a typical look. We try to secure the working abilities of the breed. A Belgian is an allround dog, that can be used for all sorts of sport (please check out our gallery and the resultlist for Casfan-dogs). A Belgian is an intelligent dog, who willingly solves problems with his leader - big and small problems. So in order to get a wellbalanced and sociable dog we recommend, that the new family continues the socializing, which we have given the puppy during the first 8 weeks of life and starts with some kind of activity with the puppy. We recommend, that the puppy will participate in a dogschool (puppy-training) from the beginning in his new home and comes along in different places. This is important regarding socializing and environment training.

Both females and males are chosen for breeding with a good character as the primary claim. Of course, they must not have any inheritable diseases as f.ex. hip dysplasia, elbow arthrosis, uncorrect bite/teeth, epilepsy etc. At this point we must say, that these informations are not always easy to get hold of - especially by dogs from abroad, and that is why, a breeder sometimes gets a serious surprise. We aim to ensure, that our own dogs, who will be used for breeding, are x-rayed on hips and elbows, attended at shows and have been trained (please check out our health-information). But we still canīt guarantee, that all puppies will stay healthy thru life. All breedinglines have faults in larger or smaller scale, and it is our duty as breeders to check out the breedinglines very carefully, before we decide to make a certain combination, which hopefully will minimize the occurrence of faults. Nature and genetics canīt be controlled - the perfect and flawless dog isnīt born yet, and it never will be.

It is also not possible to guarantee, how a puppy will develop mentally, because a lot depends on the family, where the puppy is going to live. But the foundation with healthy and mentally stable parents and a good allround socializing of the puppies is made at our place.

The puppies are born and raised in the house, so they are exposed to all the sounds of everyday life, the adult dogs and the cats. They have access to a puppy-yard in the garden, where there among other things is a climbing ladder, a tube, different types of sound effects and things to play with.

Until the puppies are 3 weeks old, they will gain nothing from having visitors coming in our house, and the female will often be extremely protective during this period, so to avoid stressing the female and the puppies, we donīt want visitors during this period.

When the puppies are approximately 3 weeks old, visitors are more than welcome - both adults and children as well as dogs of different breeds, who of course must be fully vaccinated. When the puppies are approximately 5 weeks of age, they are taken outside the garden for walks, where they see horses, sheeps and cows. When they are approximately 6-7 weeks old, they come along to the city, in the forrest or to the beach, so the puppies also try coming along in a car.

Before the puppies leave Kennel Casfan, they have got 3 treatments for worms, they are chipped, and they have got a puppy-character-test. The puppies have got the first vaccination, a healthcertificate and an EU-passport for pets.

All puppies are sold with a pedigree from the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) and a written contract from the Danish Belgian Shepherd Club (SBH), with a guarantee that gives payment back in cases of hip dysplasia, elbow arthrosis and other inheritable diseases. We want to encourage our puppybuyers to x-ray the dogs, even if they donīt need the result for themselves, because it is very important for us as breeders to know, what our breeding dogs inherits to their puppies. Faults and bad results canīt be avoided, but if one of our breeding dogs should get many offspring with faults, then it will be removed from our breeding. A breeding dog is only as good as its offspring... Thatīs why we are very interested in all information about our own bred puppies and also offspring of our males.

Further all puppies get a starter-pack along to their new homes. This package is among other things: a folder with useful informations, the puppy-test, pedigree, contract, the book about Belgian Shepherds (in Danish) and pictures. And they get some food and a collar, too.

We appreciate to have contact to our puppy-buyers in the future, in order to follow the life of "our" puppies with their new families. Pictures are always more than welcome. We like to take care of our own puppies, if the owners are going on a vacation or other, where the puppy canīt come along.