Groenendael M-litter

17.12.2010. Today Maika left to her new home.
It became quite an experience, which she handled very calm.
3 trips in a car and 2 rides with ferries. She is a cool girl ;-)
13.12.2010. Today Merlin left to his new home.
12.12.2010. Today Mika left to her new home.
11.12.2010. Today Milou left to her new home.
08.12.2010. More pictures of the puppies together and individual here
05.12.2010. Today the puppies are 8 weeks old - new pictures here

Today Manolo left to his new home. He will be called Nemo.

03.12.2010. Vaccination at the veterinarian today. They all coped surprisingly calm. There was of course some howling in the car, but we are almost used to that ;-))
02.12.2010. Chipping today, which most of the puppies didnīt take notice of...
01.12.2010. Today our 2 boys came back from their stay with the Labrador Hope and her daughter Utopia. Huge thankyou to Germaine and her family for taking such good care of our 2 boys.
30.11.2010. Puppies have been testet. All in all it is a very harmonic litter with well-balanced characters. Puppies are very social, friendly and seeking the contact.
28.11.2010. Today the puppies are 7 weeks old - new pictures here

The puppies will be testet today...

23.11.2010. New pictures of the puppies here

Daddy Lion has visited the puppies - pictures coming...

21.11.2010. Today the puppies are 6 weeks old.

They are speeding around everywhere - both inside and outside... They get the food dry and with water, they get chewing bones and other delicious goodies.

14.11.2010. Today the puppies are 5 weeks old - new pictures here

Dear puppy-buyers... Come and visit the puppies as often as possible...
You are helping to socialize them...

We feel it necessary to repeat following:
Nobody chooses a puppy, until the puppies are tested at 7 weeks of age.
Breeder / male-owner have first choise of female and malepuppy (after the test).

07.11.2010. Today the puppies are 4 weeks old.

They are a lot more secure on their legs now. They run around in most of the house, they play with each other and the toys. They eat with good appetite, and they donīt sleep in a bunch anymore. Teeth are out, and they shake the toys ;-)

The weight is broken, so for the time being no weightdata for the puppies...

30.10.2010. Names are chosen:

Casfan Manolo
Casfan Maruk
Casfan Merlin
Casfan Milan

Casfan Maika
Casfan Mika
Casfan Milou
Casfan Modja

28.10.2010. The puppies develop super :-) They have started to climb over the edge of the birthbox.

Due to cancellation there are now 2 males and 2 females available. If you want to choose the name for your puppy yourself (must begin with M), then it is last chance tomorrow.....

24.10.2010. Today the puppies are 2 weeks old - new pictures here

There is more sound from the puppies now ;-) They growl, try to bark, and some of them can even howl like a wolf ;-)) They are more mobile - crawling around and trying to walk. The eyes are opening.

5 days left if people want to choose the name for their puppy :-)

20.10.2010. The puppies develop very nice. They gain weight very nicely, and it is quiet in the birthbox. Gina has started to be a little more social, but she doesnīt stay on the sofa for very long, before she returns to her puppies.

The 2 boys at Hope and Utopia are gaining weight, so itīs a true joy. I think, there is some extra energy in Labrador-milk ;-)

Some new pictures here

17.10.2010. Today the puppies are 1 week old - new pictures here

Thursday a Labrador female gave birth to only 1 puppy, and since there apparently are no breeders with many puppies at the moment, then we decided to help by sending 2 of our puppies to this female. We have tried to have a litter with only 1 puppy, which wasnīt good for either puppy or female. Our 2 puppies can be followed on this homepage:, but there will also be pictures and updates about the 2 boys here on our homepage. The female Hope and her puppy Utopia accepted our 2 boys right away.

16.10.2010. Oh well... Making mistakes is human...
Gina has something special with the last born puppy. She often carries it around, which she actually did, right after it was born. Further she showed me very clearly, that she didnīt wanted me to touch this puppy. This lead to, that I in the hurry thought, that this puppy was a male.
This has turned out to be wrong - the puppy is a female.....
10.10.2010. Gina was very restless in the morning, but calmed down after an hour - false alarm. But in the afternoon she became restless again, and now she was really going into labour.
The water broke at 17:00, and 3 minutes later were the first 2 puppies born. The last puppy was born at 21:00, so it went very fast, even though Gina had 2 long breaks in between.

Total result 4 males and 4 females - all black.

First pictures here

08.10.2010. Gina looks almost like a whale now..... Picture here
Her temperature has been stabile all week.
28.09.2010. Gina is now very pregnant ;-))
She eats very well, and she sleeps a lot. And she sleeps in very funny positions.
Pictures here
21.09.2010. Ultrasound again today... Complete succes :-))
We counted 8 puppies :-) 
Picture here
13.09.2010. Ultrasound today.. And the machine broke down :-(
We think, that we managed to see a few puppies, but we will go for new ultrasound again next week.
07.09.2010. And today she vomitted after having breakfast...
06.09.2010. For the first time ever Gina didnīt eat all her food today...
15.08.2010. Gina has started to steal food from the kitchen table... A little early in the pregnancy to start with these things... Hmmm...
12.08.2010. Second succesfull mating today... 18 minutes :-)
10.08.2010. First succesfull mating today... 16 minutes :-) Picture here
09.08.2010. Second progesteronetest today - she is ready for mating.
05.08.2010. First progesteronetest today - too early.
New test on monday.
01.08.2010. Gina is in season
First progesteronetest on thursday morning...


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