Males for breeding

Presentation of our own males and males from our breeding, who are approved for breeding.

Further information about the dogs and contact-information to the owners can be given by contacting us.

Tervueren Groenendael
*** ***
Casfan Kuno Kavil Shirocky´s Lucifer
  Jatoba iv Black Puma
  Casfan Merlin
  Casfan Milan
  Casfan Prince Bandit
  Casfan Prince Charming Pi


Males used for breeding

Dario de Geracao Nova Kennel Casfan P-litter Groenendael
June 2019
Ferrari des Jardins d´Ebene Kennel Casfan O-litter Groenendael
May 2014
Eaton Resistance is Futile Kennel Casfan N-litter Tervueren
September 2011
Criquielion de la Ferme Farouche Kennel Casfan M-litter Groenendael
October 2010
Thunderwolf´s Red Rock West Kennel Casfan L-litter Tervueren
December 2009
(not planned)
Devil the Red Dragon Kennel Casfan K-litter Tervueren
October 2009
Thunderwolf´s Red Rock West Kennel Casfan J-litter Tervueren
April 2008
Grimmendans Ace Kennel Casfan I-litter Tervueren
August 2007
Duc Nicolas Bergers du Rayon Kennel Casfan H-litter Groenendael
May 2007
Nash du Bois du Tot Kennel Casfan G-litter Tervueren
October 2006
Risky Black of Dark Brightness Kennel Casfan F-litter Groenendael
October 2005
Mischa-Dylan van de Lamar Kennel Casfan E-litter Tervueren
August 2002
Rollif´s Joshua Kennel Corolla´s D-litter Tervueren
August 1996
Rollif´s Kuzak Kennel Corolla´s C-litter Tervueren
November 1994
Rollif´s Joshua Kennel Corolla´s B-litter Tervueren
April 1994
Nadir of the Two Kennel Corolla´s A-litter Tervueren
January 1993