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We breed 2 varieties of the Belgian Shepherd (Tervueren & Groenendael), and we have cat/s.

Our life with Belgian Shepherds started in 1989 with the Tervueren-female Leslie´s Fanni. The wish to breed had been present since childhood, and our first litter saw the light of day on january 1st 1993.

You can read more about our goals with the breeding on the page "Goals of breeding"
Reports from kennelvisits of DKK´s consultant can be read here
We breed according to the rules of Danish Kennel Club and FCI.
We live by Tinglev in South Jutland - just 15 km. from the border to Germany.

Our dogs are primary familydogs, who lives with us in the house and participates in our everyday life. We make different activities with our dogs such as training, swimming, walks in the forrest, in the town, at the beach, shows etc. The Belgian Shepherds likes to participate in the activities of the family.
You can see some pictures of the allround working-ability of our dogs and dogs from our breeding in our gallery.

It is not all of our dogs, who are living with us. Some of them are living in fosterhomes with friends and family. We have chosen this for different reasons. Mainly because we don´t want to have too many dogs at home, because we must have time for the individual dog but also, because some of the dogs are just better off living in their own family than being in a pack.

But yet we don´t want to get rid of our old dogs, "just" because they will not be used for breeding anymore. It is always an individual choise, and it is always with the best for the dog in mind.

We had 2 wonderful Tervueren-females, when we applied for kennelname, and it is joined together from their names:
CASsandra og FANni (Casfan).

Yes, we are crazy about our dogs and our cats...

They enrich our lives!


Kennel Casfan is a member of:

Dansk Kennel Klub

Specialklubben for Belgiske Hyrdehunde

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